At Korent Hemp, we believe that quality starts in the roots, literally. Part of what makes our CBD products so different from others on the market is the sheer amount of experience our company and farmers have in agriculture. We work closely with our farmers and their hemp to ensure that your final product is of the highest quality and is completely reliable.

It Starts with Experience

CBD hemp experience

Working with farmers for over 100 years in the industry, we have become an expert in the field. The farmers in our North Carolina network have the know-how when it comes to growing, their experience is what gives them strength. Our network is made up of vetted family farms that produce superior hemp plants. By partnering directly with these farms, Korent is able to regularly be involved in making sure that every crop is growing to our standards and the standards set by the 2014 Farm Bill. We walk through the fields and visit with the farmers daily to ensure sustainable and responsible hemp growing practices are being followed.

Perfection in Purification

CBD purification

Korent Hemp has been working to perfect their extraction and purification process in the pharmaceuticals and the food and drink industry with professionals for over 25 years. Our process allows us to provide the best CBD products to our customers, while still adhering to laws and regulations regarding hemp growth and production. We use only all-natural, environmentally friendly carbon dioxide to extract and purify our CBD. This method delivers a pure, clean, quality oil that is high in efficacy.

What We Look for In Our Hemp

CBD testing

Before we produce our CBD products, the hemp that is grown must meet all of the standards that are set and pass rigorous in-house and third party testing. All Korent Hemp farmers must follow state-mandated testing and certifications processes, as well as providing us with third-party certificates of authentication for the plant’s mother stock and the post-harvest material. Korent specifically tests for microbial contamination, heavy metals, and pesticides that can be found in crops, and shows the results of testing on our COA. What are these exactly?

  • Microbial Contamination: This is exposure to microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
  • Heavy Metals: These are metals that enter into the soil, and can be absorbed by plants like arsenic, lead, and mercury.
  • Pesticides: Pesticides are often used in modern agriculture practices to keep pests away from plants. Unfortunately, some of the chemicals used can be harmful to humans and have been linked to diseases and illnesses.

Korent will never release a product that contains any of these contaminants so you can trust the product you get.

Track and Trace

We go even further to provide every piece of information we can to Korent customers with our track and trace technology. The technology collects and records data on the lifecycle of our products from seed to bottle. With this technology, Korent is able to provide information on growth, cultivation, harvest, processing and final production of individual batches of our products. That way, you know and can trust our product before you ever pick up the bottle.

Why it Matters

Why does Korent work so hard to perfect our process? Because as the natural way to wellness, we believe in the best CBD. We believe in our farms, our process, and our product and we believe it starts with great hemp. Having a close relationship with our growers allows us to be transparent and honest with our customers about what they’re putting in their body and where it comes from. CBD is supposed to benefit your health, not harm it, which is why we test for heavy metals and harmful pesticides. Using sustainably grown hemp from American farms allows peace of mind knowing where your hemp was grown and that you’re helping to support farming families.