Expertly-crafted and fast-absorbing roll-on CBD liniments that offer a natural product for muscle and joint discomfort.

WILSON, N.C., September 3, 2019 — Criticality, LLC, a North Carolina-based industrial hemp company, today launched its latest cannabidiol (CBD) product format from its innovation pipeline. The roll-on liniments are available for sale under the company’s Korent™ and Korent Select™ CBD brands.

“Our expertly-crafted, responsibly-produced liniments offer consumers a natural alternative to help address muscle and joint discomfort,” said Criticality CEO Brian Moyer. “The CBD liniments incorporate natural ingredients including witch hazel, allowing for fast absorption following application while leaving behind zero residue.”

The liniments are featured in two formulas: warming and cooling. The warming liniment is designed to ease sore muscles while the cooling liniment is more suited to ease overworked joints. Both the warming and cooling variants are full-spectrum CBD oil solutions for topical administration via a rollerball, which allows for easy and precise coverage.

Criticality launched its Korent brand in December 2018 followed by its Korent Select brand in May, which is tailored to health and wellness professionals. All of the company’s CBD products, including its new liniments, are crafted from high-quality, U.S.-grown hemp.

“Criticality uses all-natural, environmentally-friendly methods to extract CBD oil from the hemp plant without the use of harsh chemicals. The hemp used in our products undergoes independent, third-party testing at various stages of the supply chain to verify compliant cannabinoid levels and purity standards,” said Moyer. “The results of this extensive testing can then be shared with our consumers at the click of a button.”

Each individual Korent and Korent Select product features a unique lot number on the product’s packaging. Consumers can enter that lot number into the quality tracker on Korent and Korent Select’s websites to reveal a particular product’s certificate of analysis.

Moyer added that the company has plans to launch additional products from its innovation pipeline during the coming months.

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About Criticality
Criticality is a vertically-integrated North Carolina-based industrial hemp company that takes a science-based approach to the extraction, refinement and formulation of high-quality, transparent industrial hemp derived products. Criticality partners with Pyxus International, Inc. (NYSE: PYX), a provider of responsibly produced, independently verified, sustainable and traceable agricultural products, ingredients and services, to source, process and produce industrial hemp and hemp products under North Carolina’s Industrial Hemp Pilot Program.