Whether you need bulk hemp oil and CBD for your own production line, custom product manufacturing for your own proprietary products or complete private labeling for your own brand, Criticality provides reliable, consistent, high-quality hemp oil and CBD with unparalleled transparency.

High-Quality Hemp Oil & CBD

Extracted with our advanced, proprietary all-natural, solvent-free supercritical fluid CO2 technology

Use only quality-tested, verified, responsibly-grown and tracked-and-traced industrial hemp

Created by food, pharmaceutical and flavor experts with proven track records of quality, safety, and innovation

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Reliable & Consistent

Decades of experience in agriculture, extraction, purification, food and pharmaceuticals

Comprehensively tested from pre-plant to harvesting to in-process manufacturing and final production

Follows Good Manufacturing Practices throughout processing, formulation and release

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Utilizes proprietary Track-and-Trace technology that gives complete transparency from the mother plant to final product

Final product releases include cannabinoid content, pesticides, microbial and heavy metals analyses

Internal release protocols and testing verified by accredited independent laboratories

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