all-natural, organic processes

Criticality’s technology is designed to provide the highest quality, reliable, consistent and transparent industrial hemp and CBD products. We work with our farmers daily to ensure the quality industrial hemp and all state and federal regulations are met. We utilize environmentally-friendly, all-natural, organic processes designed to preserve and provide the highest quality industrial hemp and CBD products for human consumption.

We harness the power of one of nature’s most common elements, carbon dioxide, to extract and purify industrial hemp. Our supercritical fluid processes use carbon dioxide instead of organic or inorganic solvents. Because no solvents are used, supercritical fluid carbon dioxide processes are green, all-natural and organic.

Our products are produced in food-grade facilities following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Our unparalleled track-and-trace technology is used throughout all of these farming, processing and formulation to ensure we produce and deliver only highest-quality, reliable, consistent and transparent products.

Criticality’s supercritical fluid carbon dioxide extraction processes are green, all-natural and organic.