SENTRI™ Track and Trace
for Consumer Confidence

SENTRI™ is a traceability platform that combines technology, people and processes to protect the integrity of products. Criticality is powered by SENTRI™ meaning we can measure the story of each crop or product which allows us to provide source to market assurance, and confidence-inspiring product integrity.

Behind the scenes of SENTRI™ is a team of highly skilled agronomists who work with farmers to educate and train them on how to produce a sustainable crop. This team of talented individuals is also responsible for collecting crop data and monitoring farmers for compliance with regulatory and sustainability standards.

Also behind SENTRI™ is a well experienced Information Services team and a proven technology platform consisting of 5 main solutions

  • GMS – Growers Management System
  • IFAS – International Farmers Accounting System (and other integrated buying systems such as ACBS in the US).
  • ToPS – Operational Processing System
  • SAP – 3rd party ERP solution
  • SENTRI™ UX – Consumer facing Lot/Product visibility solution

For consumers this means anyone can go to and enter the code on the product label. With the click of a button, consumers can learn where, when and how the product was developed.

Sentri Track and Trace

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